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If you’re a delegate to ADAOZ, you’ll get a few little extra bonuses.

Private Submit API Endpoint

Having access to our own dedicated relay to submit transactions to will help get your transactions through when using a DApp, interacting with a smart contract or just trying to mint those NFTs.

Our private endpoint is well connected with other relays in the Cardano ecosystem, us behind a load balancer and secured by an SSL to hide your transaction data.

You can gain access to the endpoint by being a delegate to our stake pool ADAOZ.

If you already are a member, simply connect your wallet and access the endpoint details to configure your Nami or Eternl wallet for faster transactions.

Access the Endpoint

Bonus $LRN Tokens

As a delegate, you get extra $LRN tokens. You can simply claim the bonus tokens from DripDropz at any time.

Read more about the $LRN bonus